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Welcome to Barry Gray’s Web Site

This is my Web Site so it is about things which interest me. As these Pages are written on Ancient Egyptian papyrus and the navigation ikons are hieroglyphs obviously Ancient Egypt is one of my interests. I do not think many other people are using papyrus for their Web Pages, so you can always know if the Page you looking at is one of mine.

If you have come to this Page because you have seen my advertisement in The Net I do private tutoring, mainly in Maths and Science to GCSE and equivalent 16+ exams but also in other subjects and at other levels, but I do have lots of other interests and to find out about them just read on.

The main ikons are the Eye of Horus Eye of Horus which always takes you to the Main Index, wherever you are, the Owl Owl which usually takes you to the top of the current Page or its Contents, the Scarab scarab.gif - 472 bytes which usually takes you to the next Page, and the Adoring Man Adoring Man which usually takes you back to the last Page. These navigation ikons are also explained on the Navigation Page in the Main Index.

If I have promised to put something onto my Web Site then you can find it here.

But if you are into art, Ancient Egypt and ancient non-European history, the London Blitz during the Second World War, airships in the 21st century, photography, the history of the modern calendar, my favourite charities, or the Stiby family tree, or your maths is very rusty, or you are having problems with science, or if you want to find out how to e-mail us, or want to know why we choose not to own a motor car, or why we have electric storage heaters, or need an explanation of my usel of gender-inclusive language, go to the Main Index.

If you need to get back to this Entry Page for any reason use the Eye of Horus to go to the Main Index and then follow the link at the bottom.


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