Paintings and Clay Models by Beryl Gray (1929 - 2015)

Beryl took up painting when she retired. For a number of years she went to Art Classes at Gillingham Adult Education Centre, and continued to paint until her death.

When I retired I started attending pottery classes at Gillingham Adult Education Centre, and a year later Beryl started attending too. I was producing mainly pots and other useful objects but Beryl was more interested in clay modelling.

She painted in most media but much of her work was in pastel or acrylic. She painted most subjects but particularly flowers and rocks, and loved Avebury, which she painted many times and in all seasons. She did not usually enjoy painting people and seldom did so. A lot of her work was abstract or imaginative.

This Page is really a Work in Progress and the photographs of her work are not at present in any particular order, and some of the images are at present the wrong size for the web or do not contain the link to the description.

To find out about each piece you can click on the image - in many cases there is a story, often a very funny story, about how it came to be made.

Barry Gray
8th December 2016
Avewint - 340Kb

BasktOldLad - 588Kb

Bluebellwood - 548Kb

BoaratRoch - 52Kb

Boatatsunset - 329Kb

BroCadf - 513Kb

Daffs - 53Kb

EngLad - 761Kb

Flowerseahorse - 54Kb

Fungi - 82Kb

Healhands - 347Kb

Logs - 504Kb

Moselhousechurch - 549Kb
Moselvillage - 80Kb

NakedMan - 474Kb

Owl - 458Kb

Pussccat - 75Kb

RedBlackFlowrs - 78Kb

RedInd - 471Kb
RedRose - 413Kb
Redroseonstalk - 115Kb
Riverscene - 400Kb
RhineScene - 458Kb
Rockyseashore - 438Kb
Rockyshore - 518Kb
Sailingship - 89Kb
Seashell - 375Kb
Shorewithtree - 274Kb
Snowypeaks - 518Kb
StonAv - 47Kb
StripedFace - 475Kb
SunHatFlowers-1 - 390Kb
Threeredflowers - 445Kb
TwoBoats-1 - 431Kb
Vasofflowers - 145Kb
Walsarch - 104Kb
Waterfall - 85Kb
Wildflow - 111Kb
Wimbledon - 55Kb
Wintertrees - 430Kb