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A Note on Fischer Heating

We have had interruptible-energy electric storage heaters for forty years and are very happy with them. When in 2017 we were planning to replace one of our older storage heaters we looked at Quantum heaters and also several other makes and types of storage heaters, and this included so-called storage heaters made by a German company called Fischer Heating. They advertise regularly in the United Kingdom, and are actively and aggressively targetting people with older storage heaters. Over the past years I had received lots of their literature and seen lots of their advertising and had visited their web site, but these left many of my questions unanswered - I have a degree in engineering and at one time (before I became a science teacher) I had been designing aircraft heating and cooling systems. So at this point I rang their information line. The woman who I spoke to was unable to answer the very specific technical questions I was asking, so we arranged for an engineer to call.

He duly came. He was very helpful and very knowledgeable and answered all my questions carefully and honestly. But he was unable to convince me that a Fischer heater connected to an ordinary 13 A power point was a realistic alternative to a Quantum storage heater using only cheap interruptible rate electricity.

Fischer heaters have the advantage that they use a standard 13 A power point and are easy to install, and if you move you can take them with you. But we were given a quotation for a Fischer heater which was more than £200 more expensive than the equivalent Quantum heater.

I have not actually met anyone who has purchased a Fischer heater - but the man who reads my electricity meter most certainly has, and has shared their comments to him with me...and not one of them is a Happy Bunny...

© Barry Gray July 2020

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