Electric heat storage heaters (Night Storage Heaters)

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Electric Storage Heating


My wife and I and our teenage children moved into our present house in 1979. It had been unoccupied for a year, and was in very poor condition. Among other things it had no room or water heating system of any sort. We thought very carefully about what sort of heating to have put in and decided on electric storage heaters (in those days commonly called night storage heaters) for room heating and an electric immersion heater for hot water.

Environmental concerns were a major factor in our decision but were not the only reason.

We have never regretted this decision. We do have just one grumble, and that is the attitude of other people to electric storage heaters, an attitude based almost entirely upon ignorance. These Pages attempt to overcome this.

In everything that follows I have made comparisons only between storage heaters and gas-fired central heating systems, because present Government policy seems to be based upon the assumption that everyone has gas-fired central heating.

A German company, Fischer Heating, is actively and aggresively targeting people who already own storage heaters, and there is also a Note about this.

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