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I am a very keen photographer, as was my mother, and her mother, and her mother, right back to the 1860s, and now my children and grandchildren.

This Page is very much a Work In Progress as I am currently scanning all the family photograph albums, going right back to the 1860s.

The Photos

A selection of pictures taken on our Rhine Cruise in July 2004 Rhine Photos
A Cruise to Spitzbergen June 1998 To Spitzbergen Photos

Some photographs of Birchington, where my Grandmother used to holiday and where she later bought a house, taken in 1914

To see the following photographs please click on the thumbnail; to obtain details of the photograph please click in the top half of the image (at the moment some of the links are broken or do not work correctly), or to return to this page please click in the bottom half of the image.

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Boy with a flute Blautopf 1 Blautopf 2 Blaubeuren Richard by Steven Beaumaris Crucifix at Mainau Island Brenda Stiby (1908) Beach Huts Dawn.gif - 2608 bytes The Wildsee Spitzbergen Peter 95806T.gif - 4Kb Little girl with a balloon Boy on a railway station Abbey on Iona Celtic Cross Norwegian glacier

My Mother was a professional portrait photographer and I do a limited amount of portraiture but have never specialised in it. You can e-mail me for more information about portraiture.

I obtained my LRPS in 1992 and am working towards my ARPS.

My wife Beryl was mainly a painter but did also do some photography. She has her own Art Gallery on this site - to visit it click here scarab

This page contains a changing selection of the photographs taken by myself and members of my family over the last hundred and sixty years.

Other than members of my family, children whose photographs appear in this Gallery are identified, if at all, without a date and only by a single name, not their real name, shown thus. To see photographs of my grandchildren and great grandchildren you need a password. If you do not have one please e-mail me and I will snail-mail you one, or snail-mail me and I will e-mail you one. I must have both an e-mail and a snail-mail address before I will give you a password.

The photographers who took the photographs in this Gallery are

Barry Gray 20th December 2016